Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cinnamon Nut Buns

Aunt Terri also known as Aunt "T" is the QUEEN of cinnamon buns. My sister and cousin, Timmy (her son), beg her every Christmas to make them. She'll spend countless hours making her cinnamon buns. She wakes up all throughout the night to knead the dough and let it rise...needless to say she's nuts BUT she does make an awesome cinnamon bun. So whenever I think about making cinnamon buns I think of the long process that Aunt "T" goes through and I never think I can top hers. So instead of making the recipe that she makes I decided to make these cinnamon nut buns. I'm not really sure why they're called cinnamon buns because the whole recipe only has 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in it. So I'll have to think of another name for them. Maybe sticky buns? or The non cinnamon bun? I don't know it will come to me.

This recipe really interested me because it's a really clever spin on the traditional cinnamon bun. The filling is a combination of dark brown sugar, walnuts (or pecans), semi sweet chocolate chips, & cinnamon all mixed together in the food processor. The glaze is also different from traditional cinnamon buns. It's dark brown sugar & butter!

I was very satisfied by the way these turned out. It was a lengthy process but well worth it.

Of course this clever recipe came from Martha. You can find the recipe here

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