Friday, February 26, 2010


I know I mentioned before that each month my group of girlfriends get together for what we like to call club. This year February club was held at our house. We attempted to do a wine tasting...well I guess we did do a wine tasting since we went through several bottles of wine. All in all it was a good time!

I decided to make hummus for the occasion. Although it's a timely process it's quite simple. I turned to one of my favorite food blogs for the recipe, Smitten Kitchen. After researching recipes I found there are so many ways to make hummus and I'm not talking flavors. Of course the main ingredient is chickpeas but some recipes call for more tahini, some call for less, some say 1 clove of garlic, some say a whole head of get the picture. Since Smitten Kitchen said this is the only hummus recipe you'll need I decided to go with that one. This recipe called for dried chickpeas which need to be soaked. So if you're planning on making this recipe keep in mind that the dry beans need to soak in cold water overnight before you can cook them. After soaking and cooking the beans the hummus comes together in about 20 mins! So even though it's a lengthy process you're able to do other things while the beans are soaking and cooking.

Overall, I really enjoyed this hummus recipe as did my guests (especially Leora)! I served it with a little bit of olive oil on top and crackers, pita, and raw vegetables for dipping. I'll be making this hummus again since it was a hit but I'm interested in trying other recipes. The hummus can be stored in an air tight container for up to 5 days.

You can find the recipe here

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