Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Tea Series

Is there a more perfect drink for the summer? OK maybe a beer or a margarita... I'm talking non-alcoholic beverage here! Iced tea is a staple in my refrigerator for the summer! I happen to love iced tea. No, not the kind that you 'just add water'. Real unsweetened iced tea made from tea leaves. Since my love for iced tea is so strong, I'm going to bless my readers (yes, all 3 of you) with a Summer Tea Series (at least that's what I'm calling it)!

So you're probably saying "what the heck is Lynn talking about?" or you just don't care. However, I'll pretend like you care. I plan on expanding my iced tea making skills and experimenting with new flavors this summer to spice things up! Below is a list of flavors that I'm planning on making throughout the summer. Let me know if you'd like to see any additional flavors.

Summer Tea Series: The Plan!

Classic Iced Tea
Arnold Palmer
Raspberry Iced Tea
Strawberry Iced Tea
Sun Tea
    Stay tuned!

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