Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Tea Series: Part 2 Arnold Palmer

 Yet again, another edition of the Summer Tea Series! How exciting? I searched high and low for a good recipe for one of my favorite drinks, Arnold Palmer, and I hate to say it but this recipe isn't 'the one'. Maybe I'll try out another recipe and do a post called 'Part 2 of Part 2'? Just a thought...

Anyway, back to the drink. Some call this drink 'half and half' because it's half lemonade and half iced tea. I call it an Arnold Palmer, named after the famous golfer (although I really don't get the connection, anyone?).

I'm a big fan of my iced tea so that part of the drink was perfect but the lemonade portion of the drink was just 'so so'. It was a little too pulpy for me even after spending some time in the blender. I like the concept of scooping the frozen lemonade into the iced tea but I think I'd rather have it all mixed together prior to pouring it into my glass.

The Tyler Florence recipe can be found here. Maybe you'll have better luck. I'll report back on my second attempt! 

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